miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

The art of union of flamenco dance and music

It is difficult to understand, but easy to feel. The union of flamenco dance and music is an own art of our land that is based on hundreds of years of history. The folklore has always been combined of music with dance that makes it different and unique. And in Andalusia the sign of identity is flamenco by singing as well as dancing.

When the box, guitar and the taps sounds on the same rhythm with clacking, it creates one unique fusion of passion and dedication. And this requires years of practice and studying, as it is not easy to achieve a perfect harmonic rhythm.

In any of the flamenco spectacles shown in Seville, the artist presents a singular night of flamenco and art. The thing is that the rhythm of the music can only be perfect when quick feet clack on the tablao, on the stage. If you still haven´t seen flamenco in Seville, you should go to see that to understand the art that only a couple of us can really do well.