lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

History of Flamenco: Carmen Amaya

The flamenco was born as a folkloric representation among gypsy families in Andalusia. In particular around Guadalquivir river - Seville – Triana, Lebrija, Utrera, Cádiz, Jerez, Los Puerto.  Because of those locations we can say that the flamenco music is a sum of cultures and music of southern Andalusia. 

In the beginning, flamenco was a thing that was shared among friends and neighbors - each family or group had their own special way to perform this dance and a special form of singing. This is how different types of flamenco were born, depending on the area and the family “singer” they derive from.

One of those families which we now know as the creators of “flamenco art” is Amaya family. And one of its most important representatives  is Carmen Amaya – famous dancer and singer. Like in most of the cases Carmen learnt flamenco art on the street, performing with her family. 

Even though she started her journey with flamenco on a street, dancing with her family and neighbors she revolutionized the flamenco dance with her technique and started dancing in the most important European theatres and is now recognized not only in Europe but in America as well.
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