jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

Flamenco nowadays

Even there are big figures of flamenco that have left us on the last years,still there are also left some
representatives of this art that makes that the flamenco will be presented in the sceneries of the whole
world.Names like José Mercé,Estrella Morente or Miguel Poveda makes us to feel us like an elf thank you for their songs.

But they are not the only ones.Eva la Yerbabuena and Sara Baras in the dance or Vicente Amigo and Tomatito with their guitars are great figures that delight us with the purest flamenco. 

Also there are big artists of all the flamenco styles that delight the public with their flamenco shows in Seville,in a little flamenco tablaos,stages that concentrate to the essence of the origin of this pure and passionate music.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle of the dancers of flamenco in Seville you should visit in our establishment,where you can be a witness of the dance with more passion than any other in the world.