miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Where the flamenco art comes from?

To limit the origins of flamenco is little bit complicated. The historians think that all comes up because of one motley of civilisations on the low classes of the towns. There is this people who confirm that the “melisma”(melody) of the voice of singing jondo(type of flamenco) is related to the arabic singers, despite of that the rhythms and the melodies have got their origin in the gipsy town that originates from India.

In Spain the origin is on the 15th century, when generate the mixes between the towns that populated the Peninsula, mixing the Jewish, gipsy and arabic people on the area of Andalusia.

The artistic demonstrations derived an universe of dances, songs and artistic demonstrations  that have given a place to flamenco and its most pure situation. Currently it is possible to enjoy about this spectacle in the flamenco stage of Seville and to appreciate the nuances of one of the most antique musics of Andalusia.