lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

The great dancers of flamenco

One of the most important thing in flamenco is the dance. In the tablaos (stages) of Seville can be seen big acts full of feelings and expressivity by the part of the artists.

Two of the best dancers nowadays are Sara Baras and Eva la Yerbabuena.

Sara Baras

Born in San Fernando, Cádiz, has achieved a great fame thank you for its art. Nowadays, in addition to being a dancer and choreographer she also has got her own flamenco company. She has been acting in the sceneries on all over the world receiving multitude prizes on her career.

Eva La Yerbabuena

Her parents are from Granada, but she was born in Germany. She started to dance when she was 12 years old, even though just when she was 15 years old, she jumped to the professional sceneries. Couple years ago, Eva acted in the Bienal of Flamenco presenting her flamenco spectacle in Seville, where she achieved huge applauses from the public.

On these days it is possible to discover promised young people on the sceneries of the stages. If you want to enjoy about the flamenco in Seville you can attend to some of our spectacles where dancing, singing and the touch of the best flamenco in the city is combined.